I de kalla katakomberna går ingen säker

Att Amnesia: The Dark Descent skulle vara ganska läskigt visste jag, men att bli så rädd att man lägger en korv i varje byxben va nytt. Efter ungefär halva videon var jag övertygad om att denna killen skämtade, men sedan börjar jag faktiskt tveka. Är det riktig rädsla tro?

This is a reupload of a video I posted just yesterday and I basically just cut out a lot of the bullshit and put the emphasis on the funniest parts, and I also added total fuckin’ PRO subtitles cause I’m a fucking boss. Suck the awesomeness from thy tits dry, motherfuckers, cause you’ll never drain these bitches.

This is basically a video of me playing Amnesia while over Skype with my friends (who are also playing Amnesia on their own respective computers at different parts in the game) and getting the SHIT knocked out of my ASS from PURE CRIPPLING FEAR ALONE.

Also, if any of you know how to get LEGIT HD going (mine is AIGHT but I want better, you dig? No black shit on the sides) please just send me a message, I’ll love you forever.

EDIT: No furries are allowed to comment on this video. That means you, ZavCoyote